FB Series: Choosing an PHP IDE

What are the contenders?

Netbeans 6.7 with PHP support
Aptana 1.5 (standalone or Eclipse plugin)
Zend Studio 6.1.2 (not free ;( )

My experiences:

  • Code completion/parser in Netbeans better than Aptana (Aptana also crashes / gets in a endless loop at points when it cannot parse / code assist a file resulting in java heap exhaustion / cpu up 50%)
  • Aptana browser integration & debugger integration is better. I like the tab away browser, and the debugger xdebug works more reliable than in Netbeans – however still has its times when it does just not attach
  • Zend Studio: set up was not working ok for me, couldn’t get the debugger working. Script only debugging works.

After switching back and forth between Aptana, Netbeans and Zend studio I guess I settled now with Netbeans. I might startup Aptana occasionally if i have debugger issues. It would be really great if the xdebugger would just work on Netbeans…

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