Obfuscation Bugs in J2ME Apps

Does this sound familiar to you?

It really did drive me crazy. Bug only appeared in a certain phone model with a certain version of the app. Not in emulator, not in other phones, not with other version of the app and just 2 weeks ago – without major change in the app – all was running good in this certain phone. Of course I did not remember one crucial thing that happended in these 2 weeks: I upgraded my IDE NB from 6.1 to 6.7.1.

Shouldn’t matter you say? Not in J2ME development. In J2ME developmpent as a rule everything matters, I mean every little tiny seemingly irrelevant thingy you can imagine. So also an IDE change *did* matter.

The reason I found after about 2 hours of WTF’s: with 6.7.1 the proguard obfuscator changed and apparently introduced some bugs. Without obfuscating the app was running all smooth on this partucular phone. Fun thing is that I actually already had this problem once with an earier version of proguard, made a note and forgot about it.

I know about the location where the errors occured and am guessing its one of the errors that has been fixed in version 4.4. After I upgraded from proguard 4.2 to 4.4 all good again. I really want to remember this the next time I encounter such a nasty bug. I hope this post helps me with it, and hopefully it is also useful for some of you guys.

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