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Initialise External Javascript in Page Fragments

In the last couple of hours I was contemplating around maintainable, performant and non-obstrusive Javascript on a project I am working on. Following situation: - Much Inline Javascript - Many JS and CSS files referenced - No Frontend Deployment/Build Process in place - Some Javascript values are set at page generation time by Server Side [...]
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JPA Best Practices and efficient research

Recently, in the course of a evaluation for a project to switch their persistence provider I was doing some JPA research and came across this exhaustive presentation from Carol McDonald: JPA Best Practices. I am working with JPA now quite some time, but always found that the documentation is not very detailed for such an [...]
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Firefox 3.5 hanging? slow? buggy?

Like many other users I recently had slow-down problems using the new firefox 3.5.x. Seems like the Skype Plugin was causing the issues. Disabling it worked for me. There is an interesting thread on the issue. Skype apparently is having problems making reasonable quality plugins for quite some time. Mozilla was aware of it but [...]
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Long development cycles of compiled languages – the real killer

Ever asked yourself what are the reasons for the rise of scripting  languages like PHP, Ruby, Groovy for web development in the last couple of years? Let’s take the concrete case of Java. Common critiques of the language and the API’s, and the J2EE/JEE frameworks were/are in a loose historical order: performance – too slow: [...]
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Scaling Enterprise Applications and all that jazz: Terracotta, GigaSpaces, and Azul

I like scaling and the architectures that attempt to solve those issues. Below I tried to bullet point 3 prominent players in this area, all solving scaling problems with different architectures at different levels. Terracotta 3.1 Clustering JVM using Network attached Memory Only the field-level changes are sent over the network Uses TCP to communicate within [...]
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Discovered Quercus

Scalability, security, pooling, long lived connections , container services in general are all aspects where Java has a lot to offer. PHP on the other side is good for fast development cycles with a low maintenance infrastructure, request response orientend with not so much support for long lived connections, caching etc. On one of my [...]
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Copyright reloaded

I found this article recently. Quite funny the copyright symbol designer sues e.g. RIAA for using his artwork whereas RIAA itself sees itself something like the holy grail of copyright.
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FB Series: AJAX & Facebook debugging

The php facebook client has a nice setting to track the different http calls between your app and facebook. You can enable this with: $GLOBALS['facebook_config']['debug'] = true; This will actually insert some script code to the header of every page served, in order to render the tracking code, if there is something to render: <script [...]
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