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FB Series: Difference between IFrame and Connect Apps

Writing about specifics on iFrame apps in Facebook development was on my list for quite some time. So now despite a lack of time, let’s just get out with the essential message: When writing iFrame Apps, think of it like a Connect App. It is essentially the same. I made the long way round trying [...]
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FB Series: AJAX & Facebook debugging

The php facebook client has a nice setting to track the different http calls between your app and facebook. You can enable this with: $GLOBALS['facebook_config']['debug'] = true; This will actually insert some script code to the header of every page served, in order to render the tracking code, if there is something to render: <script [...]
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FB Series: Integrating JS

Where are we coming from Javascript one of the most popular language for web programming. Although it has been around for decades, – coming from Netscape 1995 – it was not until the advent of the Ajax and Web 2.0 when JavaScript came to the spotlight and brought more professional programming attention. The OpenSource movement [...]
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FB Series: Choosing an PHP IDE

What are the contenders? Netbeans 6.7 with PHP supportAptana 1.5 (standalone or Eclipse plugin)Zend Studio 6.1.2 (not free ;( ) My experiences: Code completion/parser in Netbeans better than Aptana (Aptana also crashes / gets in a endless loop at points when it cannot parse / code assist a file resulting in java heap exhaustion / [...]
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FB Series: Java Guy starting with FB development

I recently started with PHP development. Although I have had some small exposure to the language before, this was my first real project. What are the big differences to the Java (web) development experience? interpreted (no compiler to check for errors, just a parser) dynamically typed (->no “parse-time” type checking in the IDE ..) essential [...]
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FB Series: Locally debug your PHP Facebook App

Starting with Facebook applications is a rather a bumpy road. First there is the scattered and often not up-to-date documentation on the Facebook wiki. Its a pain to go through. But ok once you managed to get the important bits its ok. What I am talking about is the testing. Its quite astonishing that this [...]
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