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Website deployments: Plain old Ant

In the last entry I was mentioning several solutions for managing web site deployments and packaging for php webapps. Since with PHP there is usually no build process already at development time this has often to be established especially for test & production – and yes there needs to be a build process if you [...]
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Initialise External Javascript in Page Fragments

In the last couple of hours I was contemplating around maintainable, performant and non-obstrusive Javascript on a project I am working on. Following situation: - Much Inline Javascript - Many JS and CSS files referenced - No Frontend Deployment/Build Process in place - Some Javascript values are set at page generation time by Server Side [...]
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FB Series: Integrating JS

Where are we coming from Javascript one of the most popular language for web programming. Although it has been around for decades, – coming from Netscape 1995 – it was not until the advent of the Ajax and Web 2.0 when JavaScript came to the spotlight and brought more professional programming attention. The OpenSource movement [...]
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