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The old-school Objective C is approaching top 10

From time to time I check the index of the most popular programming languages by tiobe, check out how popular the old-school Objective-C is becoming! Given that this language is very old school, it makes me wonder what would have happended to the Appshop and Apple if they opened the Shop for Java, PHP or [...]
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MegaTrend #9: Cross-platform Mobile Development

In a recent article by InfoWorld Cross Platform mobile development was mentioned as one of the top 10 emerging enterprise technologies. Until about 1 years ago the options for cross-platform mobile development were doing platform specific native builds for Symbian, WinMo, Blackberry, UIQ, etc. or Java development with specific twists per handset / handset group [...]
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Obfuscation Bugs in J2ME Apps

Does this sound familiar to you? It really did drive me crazy. Bug only appeared in a certain phone model with a certain version of the app. Not in emulator, not in other phones, not with other version of the app and just 2 weeks ago – without major change in the app – all [...]
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