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A Programmer’s New Year’s Resolution for 2010: Learning Scala

In a world of constant change and ever increasing speed of innovation as a programmer, you might sit back and think about how to prepare for those changes and increase your career options. You might also look forward to a mental distraction from the daily Java/Ruby/PHP routine, or your inner geek is just looking for [...]
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The old-school Objective C is approaching top 10

From time to time I check the index of the most popular programming languages by tiobe, check out how popular the old-school Objective-C is becoming! Given that this language is very old school, it makes me wonder what would have happended to the Appshop and Apple if they opened the Shop for Java, PHP or [...]
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Long development cycles of compiled languages – the real killer

Ever asked yourself what are the reasons for the rise of scripting  languages like PHP, Ruby, Groovy for web development in the last couple of years? Let’s take the concrete case of Java. Common critiques of the language and the API’s, and the J2EE/JEE frameworks were/are in a loose historical order: performance – too slow: [...]
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