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Scaling Enterprise Applications and all that jazz: Terracotta, GigaSpaces, and Azul

I like scaling and the architectures that attempt to solve those issues. Below I tried to bullet point 3 prominent players in this area, all solving scaling problems with different architectures at different levels. Terracotta 3.1 Clustering JVM using Network attached Memory Only the field-level changes are sent over the network Uses TCP to communicate within [...]
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Internet-scale Java Web Applications

I am currently working on 2 application architectures. One is a PHP Facebook app (IFrame) with Postgresql in the backend, the other is a Glassfish/Jersey/Toplink/PostgreSql stack. When reading the glowing web 2.0 tech stories in the news and sites like highscalability it seems like just about everyone requiring a “internet-scale” architecture is using MySQL, many [...]
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