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FB Series: Difference between IFrame and Connect Apps

Writing about specifics on iFrame apps in Facebook development was on my list for quite some time. So now despite a lack of time, let’s just get out with the essential message: When writing iFrame Apps, think of it like a Connect App. It is essentially the same. I made the long way round trying [...]
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FB Series: AJAX & Facebook debugging

The php facebook client has a nice setting to track the different http calls between your app and facebook. You can enable this with: $GLOBALS['facebook_config']['debug'] = true; This will actually insert some script code to the header of every page served, in order to render the tracking code, if there is something to render: <script [...]
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FB Series: Integrating JS

Where are we coming from Javascript one of the most popular language for web programming. Although it has been around for decades, – coming from Netscape 1995 – it was not until the advent of the Ajax and Web 2.0 when JavaScript came to the spotlight and brought more professional programming attention. The OpenSource movement [...]
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FB Series: Choosing an PHP IDE

What are the contenders? Netbeans 6.7 with PHP supportAptana 1.5 (standalone or Eclipse plugin)Zend Studio 6.1.2 (not free ;( ) My experiences: Code completion/parser in Netbeans better than Aptana (Aptana also crashes / gets in a endless loop at points when it cannot parse / code assist a file resulting in java heap exhaustion / [...]
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FB Series: Locally debug your PHP Facebook App

Starting with Facebook applications is a rather a bumpy road. First there is the scattered and often not up-to-date documentation on the Facebook wiki. Its a pain to go through. But ok once you managed to get the important bits its ok. What I am talking about is the testing. Its quite astonishing that this [...]
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